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Dual Offer Sheet - Chicago’s Worst Nightmare?

Could a dual offer sheet scenario give the Oilers a boost this offseason?

Featured Fanshot

Positive Signs on the Power Play

"The Oilers took 13 shots last night in 6:39 of 5v4 time, a rate of 117.3/60 minutes of 5v4 time, close to triple their rate of 41.5 over the past six seasons, a rate that hasn’t been any better with the addition of the various Golden Boys over the past few years. Obviously, they aren’t going to take 117.3 shots per 60 this year but this is a pretty promising thing." That's Tyler Dellow on Edmonton's power play performance in their first game against the Winnipeg Jets. In the full article, Tyler looks at some of the systemic improvements the Oilers may have introduced.

Get the puck, keep the puck

The lunacy of the dump-and-chase mentality

It's the system. Again.

The Oilers's struggles at centre are all based on a systemic flaw.

All the small things

Like their general manager, the Oilers skaters can't get the little things right. What makes us think they can get the big things right?

SHOOOOOOOT! Well, get into the zone first. Then...

There are some structural deficiencies on the Oilers' power play - they need to fix them ASAP.

Defensive Zone Coverage Part 1 - Zone Defence


Shot Blocking Outside the Prime Scoring Area

Shot Blocking Outside the Prime Scoring Area. There's a time and place for it, and it isn't everytime and everyplace.

Oiler Observations, Defensive and Neutral Zone Mistakes vs Nashville

Oiler Observations, Defensive and Neutral Zone Mistakes vs Nashville

Line Change Responsibilities

Line Change Responsibilites. Looking at the roles of the players coming off and going on the ice.

Count to 5, Then Stop!

Count to 5, Then Stop! Analyzing the Oilers too many men penalties.

Communication and Awareness... You're Doing it Wrong

Communication and Awarenes... You're Doing it Wrong. Breaking down Oiler problems with communication and awareness

Corey Potter's Struggles Defending Against the Rush

Corey Potter's Struggles while defending the rush.

Surviving the 5 on 6

Surviving the 6 on 5 with the box+1

Generating Offense from the Cycle

Generating offense from the cycle is about attacking open areas of the ice, even ones away from the net.

Oilers Face-off Woes On The Power Play

The Oilers first PP unit has struggled winning face-offs, how can they improve that?

Cycling the Puck

Cycling the puck and maintaining puck possession and support.

1-2-2 Forecheck

Basic 1-2-2 Forecheck. Apply both forechecking pressure and be defensively responsible.

Oil Observations From Week 6

Oil Observations From Week 6 - Sometimes answering physically isn't the right answer.

Blocked Shots Aren't Always A Good Thing

Oil Observations From Week 5... Sometimes a shot block is just a goal against...

Oil Observations From Week 4

Oil Observations From Week 4... Calling Doctor Jones!

Oil Observations From Week 3

Oi Observations from Week 3, the Oilers PP can't become predictable if it is to remain successful

Oil Observations From Week 2

Oil Observations from week 2. Has Khabibulin turned the corner?

Oil Observations From Week 1

Observations from the Oilers first week of games for the 2011-12 NHL season.

Shawn Horcoff's Role Change On The Oilers Power Play

Shawn Horcoff understands what it takes to make a power play successful. Imitate Ryan Smyth and create space for his wings.

Puck Pursuit and Angles - Part 2

Use your teammates and the natural barriers in the rink (physical and otherwise) to dictate the play.

Puck Pursuit and Angles - Part 1

Helping your goaltender on a breakaway by choosing the right puck pursuit angle.

Power Play Movement and Lanes

Movement and creating lanes on the penalty kill.

Behind The Net Power Play Tactics With Coach Bob Nielsen

Could an old friend help fix the Oilers' power play woes?

Preventing Zone Entry On The Penalty Kill, Part 2

Preventing Zone Entry On The Penalty Kill, Part 1

There's a right way to slow down a power play on entry and a wrong way. We take an in-depth look at both.

The Diamond Penalty Kill - Strategies And Tactics With Coach Bob Nielsen

The Oilers are using a new tactic on the penalty kill and failing miserably. We look at the Diamond penalty kill with Coach Bob Nielsen.