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Statistical Analysis

Previewing the Oilers vs Flames

Home ice disadvantage

Couple issues the Oilers coaching staff will need to address heading into game seven against the Kings.

Pulse Check

Digging into the first four games of the series against the Los Angeles Kings to see what’s going well for the Edmonton Oilers, and what the areas of concern are.


Since the coaching change, the Edmonton Oilers are actually holding their own without McDavid on the ice at 5v5. A look into the numbers and where the improvements have been.

Comparing Woodcroft to the previous Oiler coaches

Protecting leads

Under Jay Woodcroft, the Edmonton Oilers appear to be taking a different approach when protecting a lead.

Digging into the Oilers special teams

The problems on the penalty kill and powerplay were preventable had Ken Holland and his management group done their jobs.

Identifying the Oilers

Ken Holland isn’t sure if the Oilers are a good team or not. We’re here to help him out.

Oilers management is to blame for the issues in net

Quick query using publicly available data and an understanding of the salary cap and player aging curves could have prevented this fiasco.

Chasing goals

Projecting how many goals Leon Draisaitl can finish the regular season with.

Oilers defencemen with the bottom six forwards

Evan Bouchard is the goods.

Goal goals

"All you’ve got to do is look at the goal differential at five-on-five for the real legit teams. That’s the analytics that I look at. " - Ken Holland (Source: The Athletic)

Repeating history

Anytime you get a chance to talk about a Stars team that featured Horcoff and Hemsky, you take it.

Moving on from Archibald

We’re learning more about the Edmonton Oilers than we are about Josh Archibald.

Killer minutes

Shallow Depth

New season, same player

Jesse Puljujärvi was a good fit for the top six before he left for Finland. And he’s still a good fit now. A look into his numbers before and after his time with Oulun Kärpät.

Depth progress

Assessing the Oilers after 25 games

While the results haven’t been great, are the Oilers at least playing like a top-end team? And is it worth moving assets ahead of the trade deadline?

Powerplay hotness

Couple thoughts on the powerplay and how it could be more productive than last season.

The Oilers depth forwards are showing signs of life

The bottom six forwards struggled out of the gate, but they’ve been productive over the last ten games.

Working the powerplay

With special teams being the focus at training camp today, a look into Tyson Barrie’s powerplay history and how well he could integrate himself into the Oilers.

Kyle Turris as an option on the Oilers penalty kill

Looks like Kyle Turris is going to get a shot at playing on the Oilers penalty kill. A look into his career numbers and how he might be able to help.

Does Ben Hutton make sense for the Edmonton Oilers?

The defenceman is rumored to be on the Oilers radar. What would the Oilers expect from him, considering their needs at even-strength and the penalty kill.

Key performance indicators

Establishing some simple targets for the Edmonton Oilers if they want to be considered a top end team.

Evaluating the evaluation

Before they look for goaltending again, Oilers management needs to review their previous evaluation and decision-making methods.

Reviewing the Oilers performance against Chicago

Powering up in Chicago

Could Chicago’s powerplay become a factor in their qualifier series against Edmonton? A look into their regular season struggles and some of the key underlying issues.

Depth perception

A look into how the Oilers and Blackhawks performed without their star players at even-strength, and which team has the edge heading into their qualifier series. Looks like Chicago’s coaching staff has done their homework.

Featured Fanshot

Addressing the goaltending

Couple thoughts on the Oilers goaltending issues at even strength this season and how it's driving the need for scoring up front.

Featured Fanshot

Tracking the western conference

To get a sense of how the Oilers stack-up against the rest of their division and the conference, I looked into how each team has done so far this season, what their results have looked like at even-strength and how they’ve performed on special teams. I also wanted to know how well each team controlled the flow of play as measure by shot-share metrics like Corsi and Fenwick.

Featured Fanshot

Check your depth

Looked into how the Pacific division teams that are still in playoff contention have done with and without their star players at even-strength.