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Taylor Hall Traded to New Jersey for Adam Larsson

So long, Kingston Cannonball

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The player that was drafted to start the Oielrs' never ending rebuild has apparently been traded. Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils for Adam Larsson. Maybe more. Not that it matters, this is a loss for the Oilers.

Hold on, it get's worse. There is no more. Just Larsson. If you're going to lose, lose big. That's the saying, right?

It's official. Both the trade and the reality that the Oilers are the stupidest hockey team on the planet. It doesn't matter if they sign Milan Lucic on Friday, they just gave away an elite left winger for a song. The argument will be made by many that the Oilers are better with Lucic and Larsson than they were with just Hall, as if that justifies selling off an elite player for pennies on the dollar. There is no good way to put it, this is an awful trade for the Oilers. May the rebuild last forever.