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Oilers History

Historically speaking, how Bad are the current Oilers?

Historically speaking, how Bad are the Oilers? Currently ranked 29th in the NHL, the Oilers have never before finished in the bottom 3 of the NHL.

2009 NHLer of the Year: Martin Brodeur

A review of the remarkable career of Martin Brodeur and the many career goaltending records he broke in 2009.

Revenge of the minnows

Revenge of the minnows: Remembering Slovakia's greatest hockey moment, the 2002 World Senior Men's Championships.

Evolution of a record

Analyzing era effects on the NHL career shutouts record currently shared by Terry Sawchuk and Martin Brodeur.


Personal memories and a career retrospective of Terry Sawchuk, the talented, troubled goaltender whose seemingly unassailable record of 103 shutouts was equalled by Martin Brodeur this week.

Who owns the record for fewest shots on goal in a season?

Corsi don't concern them, it's the group of men with the fewest shots in a single season in NHL history

Edmonton's Greatest Hockey Hero (and it's not who you think)

Edmonton native and resident Dr. Randy Gregg had a career like no other, enjoying success on the amateur, professional and international stage ... all in his home town.

Brendan Shanahan skates into the sunset

The great career of Brendan Shanahan is reviewed by a distant admirer.

November 19, 1983: M-I-C K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Oilers 13, Devils 4: Today in history, the Great One torpedoes the New Jersey Devils on and off the ice.

Looking Jaroslav Pouzar

Bruce McCurdy on Jaroslav Pouzar and his run with the Dynasty Days Edmonton Oilers

Scouting Europeans From a Beach in Mexico

From 1997 until 1999, the Edmonton Oilers picked Michel Riesen, Jani Rita, and Michael Henrich with consecutive first-round picks. Where are they now? The Copper & Blue's Ben Massey explores.

The man who changed the face of hockey

50 years ago today the great Jacques Plante introduced a new piece of equipment to the NHL -- the goalie mask. The author describes the events of that day, and personal recollections of the legendary innovator who wound down his career a decade and a half later with the Edmonton Oilers.

An Interview With George and Darril Fosty, the Authors of "Black Ice"

The Copper & Blue sits down for a conversation with the men who brought us the history of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes.

The Night I Shook Hands With Gordie Howe

First person account of the night Wayne Gretzky reached 1851 and kept right on going.

The Zenith of My Happiness as an Oilers Fan Since the Days of Yore

The Copper & Blue have a special place in their heart for Radek Dvorak and his end-to-end rush in 2003.

When the Saints Go Marching In

Six NHL players today played junior 'A' hockey for the long-defunct St. Albert Saints. Former Saints fan Ben Massey looks at those six players in what is half preview, half retrospective.

Secrets from the back of my closet

Most preseason games are easily forgettable, but not so for one played 30 years ago tonight, when the Toronto Maple Leafs visited Edmonton Coliseum for the first time.

A brief history of Stanley Cup rematches and why we should care

In 2009 the Penguins and Red Wings played the first Stanley Cup Finals rematch in a quarter century and just the 11th since the NHL took sole control of the Stanley Cup in 1927. The previous 10 do-overs, featuring all the great dynasties in NHL history, offer some interesting perspectives on the prospects of the youthful Penguins.

A Skate Down Memory Lane: Training Camp '79

Oiler Wannabes vs. Golden Bears series: conclusion

Game on!

Glimpses of Gator

The Copper and Blue's resident historian weighs in on Jason Smith's time as an Oiler.

The top goaltender of the 2000s

Who is the top goalie of the past ten years? A detailed analysis leaves little doubt, although you can cast your vote!

Some Pat Quinn Stuff

I think I was wrong about Pat Quinn. He's a very, very interesting coach and a guy who could be a very nice fit in Edmonton.

Rem Murray Signs In Italy

Former Oiler Rem Murray has signed on with an Italian club. A look at what it's costing him to keep playing hockey.

Farewell to a national hero

Joe Sakic retires and an Oiler fan looks back fondly at a guy that destroyed the Oilers time and time again.

The Hockey News: Adam Proteau on Dany Heatley

Given a trial subscription to The Hockey News, I decided to give a magazine I've written off another chance. It took two pages to show why I left it in the first place.

"Whoever wins, Wins"

Bruce McCurdy looks back at all of the game sevens in Stanley Cup history.


Andrew Cogliano is about to pass Milan Kraft and erase Milan's name from the record books. It's not a good thing.

Another great one honoured

Glenn Anderson goes into the hall of fame. Bruce McCurdy looks back fondly at his career.

Anniversaries VIII: 50 in 39

Anniversaries VII: Heritage Classic --Saturday