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Oilers History

Where Does Kessel Rank?

Phil Kessel can fill the net, but where does he rank among Toronto's all-time greats?

The Best Players Ever

Who are the best hockey players to ever play the game?

Deterrence Doesn't Work

Goons serve no purpose. Here's why.

The Search For Cam

Is it the fists?

"Fights don't score goals"

An wonderful juxtaposition from 27 years ago shows how pervasive the "toughness" mentality can be, and how simple it is to refute.

Steve Tambellini's Oilers

Where have the Oilers gone after leaving Edmonton?

VOTE: The Oilers' Cult Hero

Pluggers and the under-appreciated converge to determine who is the Oilers' biggest Cult Hero?

An Oiler For Life

Which Oiler will be the first to spend his entire career with the organization?

Trade Chains: Jason Smith

Jason Smith's trade chain is a lesson in how not to manage a roster.

NHL Coaching Trees

The interconnected nature of NHL coaches and the outsiders who join the club make Mike Keenan the most influential coach in the NHL right now.

NHL General Manager Lineage

Just two men account for over 1/3 of the league

The Wreckage of the Penner Offer Sheet

Brian Burke turned the Dustin Penner offer sheet compensation package into pocket lint and buttons.

Era-Adjusted Leading Scorers By Season

More era-adjusted scoring, this time the NHL's season-by-season leading scorers

Era-Adjusted Oilers History

Through 33 years of Oilers hockey in the NHL, how do the Oilers' leading scorers stack up?

Remembering Ryan Smyth

Remembering Ryan Smyth's contribution to the Edmonton Oilers.

The Unlikeliest Wins in History

We don't like to celebrate our successes enough -- the Oilers recently played bad enough to pull off one of the unlikeliest wins in history vs the Blue Jackets

Multiple Tours of Duty: Edmonton Oilers Edition

Rumours that the Oilers may acquire former players puts us in a whimsical mood...

When the WHA Began Play

40 years ago, the greatest opponent in the National Hockey League's history first drew breath, as pucks dropped in the first games of the World Hockey Association.

Shannon Szabados Played with the Men and Beat Them

It was on this day ten years ago that Shannon Szabados began her career as the first female player to truly belong in high-level men's hockey. More than a publicity stunt, she became the best goalie in the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

Canada's Worst Hockey Team of All Time

On this day, the AJHL's The Pass Red Devils lost a game. And they didn't stop losing for a while...

Britain's Greatest

On this day, 31 years ago, the greatest British player in ice hockey history made his professional debut. His name is Tony Hand, and he's still the dominant factor in British hockey today.

Mike Grier: My Favourite Post-Dynasty Oiler

The latest in C&B's series on favourite Oilers of the last twenty years

The Oilers Top 25 Under 25... On May 20, 1984

A look at the depth in the Oilers' system... from 1984

Full Moon Marks End Of Loony Series

Paul Henderson, Iconic and Devoted Canadian

A conversation with Canadian icon Paul Henderson during his jersey tour.

Rod's Retirement Roast: Fans' Roundtable

A fans' roundtable to celebrate the 37-year career of Oilers' play-by-play man Rod Phillips.

The Kidnapping of Bengt-Åke Gustafsson

How the first showdown between the Oilers and Capitals went Washington's way in a controversial decision.

99 memories - well, not quite, but a lot

Eyewitness accounts of some of the Great One's greatest moments

2011 AHL Hall of Fame: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

The AHL Hall of Fame 2011 class features some truly historical pioneers of the league.

Kelly Buchberger in 1991-92: The Most Awesome Season in Edmonton Oilers History

The Edmonton Oilers may be shy on scoring today, but perhaps they should take lessons from nineteen years ago, when they got a great season from... Kelly Buchberger?

The Worst Captain in Oiler History

A recollection of Shayne Corson's not-brief-enough Oiler tenure

Your Favorite Post-Dynasty Oiler

The result of all of that trading is...poor.