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Connor McDavid Named A Finalist for EA Sports' NHL 17 Cover Vote

Does an Oilers player on the cover make the game better? Probably not. But it would still be cool.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Eight players, each representing one of the teams that will compete at the World Cup of Hockey this fall, have been named as finalist for Ea Sports' NHL 17 cover vote. Among those eight players is Oilers rookie Connor McDavid, who also happens to be the only player on a Canadian based NHL team.

The first round match-ups are as follows:

Connor McDavid vs Jakub Voracek
Joe Pavelski vs Anze Kopitar
Aleksander Barkov vs Jamie Benn
Vladimir Tarasenko vs Victor Hedman

Voting is taking place on EA Sports' website and on Twitter, where EA Sports will track hashtags to determine the winner. If you're voting for McDavid, and why wouldn't you, be sure to use the hashtag #NHL17McDavid in your tweets to make sure that your vote gets counts. There are no limits to how many times you can vote, so start stuffing the ballot box now. Oh, and for some reason votes on Thursday count for double. The first round of voting ends on May 2.

I'm a big fan of Vladimr Tarasenko, but just for laughs I wish Artemi Panarin had been the Team Russia representative in this cover vote, and that it'd been him and McDavid matched up in the first round of voting. Maybe this is why I'm not in charge of things like this, because I would use the opportunity to troll fan bases.