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Predict the Score: Oilers vs Hurricanes

Play our predict the score contest and you could win.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

After two months on guessing who would score first it's time to for a new contest, and since I'm not that creative I'm going to borrow a format that we've used before. Rather than guessing who will score, we're just asking you to predict what the score will be. It's a contest so simple that even a Flames fan could do it.

How Do I Play? Please put your prediction in the subject line with Edmonton listed first. Oilers x - Hurricanes y

How Points Will Be Awarded? 5 points for a correct prediction. 2 points if you only get the Oilers' score right. And 1 point if you only get the opposition's score correct.

What You're Playing For? A Taylor Hall jersey shirt.

Who's In First Place? Check back for updated standings later this week.

When Does The Contest End? After the last game in January.

Your prediction must be submitted by game time. Submissions posted after game time will be deleted.

Tonight's Matchup

Oilers Hurricanes
Overall Record 16-21-3 16-17-6
Last 10 Games 3-6-1 5-3-2
Goal Differential -21 -18
Expected Starter Cam Talbot Cam Ward