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Predict The Score Standings Through January 18

The standings with three games left to play.

Harry How/Getty Images

The following are the standings in our Predict the Score contest up to and including the Oilers 4-2 win over the Panthers on January 18. If you notice any discrepancies please let me know in the comments.

Total Through 2016/01/18
Wonder Llama 22
huck64 20
fzrdave 16
TakeoutArtist 15
Logan E. 13
humantorch 13
ballgame99 13
loxyisme 12
GingerRex 10
BigB_09 10
DyingInside 10
dhucks8 9
Aaron James 9
TradeEverybody 7
Nolan73 7
chamber69 6
ryan_batty 6
OilTastic 6
Mr_Len 6
Dougers14 5
Vanvoneer 5
bituman 3
flinflonbombers 3
lumberjackass 2
nafnikufesin 2
nabob 2
aluchko 2
proxy 1
Oprah sucks 1

Some thoughts on the contest:

  • Since the last update the Oilers have played six games and as a group we only combined for three correct predictions. You should all be ashamed.
  • GingerRex and BigB_09 both have ten points; including one correct guess and correctly guessing the opposing teams score a contest leading five times.
  • BigB_09 also deserves some sort of bonus for following my beer recommendations on Twitter.