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NHL Win Totals

Over or under 37.5 for the Oilers?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The regular season is fast approaching and that means that means that odds makers are busy setting the odds for any number of crazy long term bets. What found it's way into my inbox this morning was win totals, not too crazy of a bet, even if a few of the lines seems a little out there. Anyway, for those of you who like this kind of thing - the Copper & Blue would never encourage gambling - here's where Bovada has set the over/under for all 30 NHL teams; to make it a little easier I've separated them into division.

Atlantic Metro Central Pacific
Tampa Bay Lightning - 48½ Pittsburgh Penguins - 47½ Chicago Blackhawks - 47½ Anaheim Ducks - 49½
Montreal Canadiens - 44½ New York Rangers - 46½ St Louis Blues - 45½ Los Angeles Kings - 45½
Boston Bruins - 42½ Washington Capitals - 45½ Minnesota Wild - 44 San Jose Sharks - 42½
Detroit Red Wings - 42½ New York Islanders - 45 Dallas Stars - 43½ Calgary Flames - 41½
Ottawa Senators - 40½ Columbus Blue Jackets - 45 Nashville Predators - 42 Vancouver Canucks - 40½
Florida Panthers - 36½ Philadelphia Flyers - 37½ Winnipeg Jets - 40½ Edmonton Oilers - 37½
Toronto Maple Leafs - 32½ Carolina Hurricanes - 30 Colorado Avalanche - 38½ Arizona Coyotes - 27½
Buffalo Sabres - 28½ New Jersey Devils - 28½

  • I'm cautiously optimistic about the Oilers this season. I don't think they're a playoff team but I'm hoping that they can be close, maybe even playing meaningful games in March. Would I say that they'll win more than 37 games? I wouldn't bet my money on it. Not with the unknowns on the blue line and in net.
  • Speaking of cautiously optimistic, less than 29 wins for the Sabres. They only won 23 games last season but that was an unbelievably bad hockey team. Jack Eichel is no Connor McDavid but between him an a couple of other additions I wouldn't think that the over is completely outside the realm of possibilities.
  • At the other end of the specturum we find the Ducks. Anaheim win 51 games last season. They also had a combined 16-7 record in overtime and shootouts. 50 games is a lot to win in a season, if just a couple of those post 60 minute victories go the other way they're a good bet to come up way short of that mark.