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Oilers Release 2015/16 Television Schedule: All 82 Games Will Be Found On Sportsnet

Set your PVR accordingly.

Kim Stallknecht/Getty Images

If you're looking for an Oilers game on television this year you'll want to check out Sportsnet first, and well, that's about it. You like Gene Principe, right? It doesn't matter, this is the second year of a 12-year deal, you'll learn to like him. At least that's what I keep being told.

With the television schedule now released, we know that 46 of the Oilers' 82 games schedule will be covered regionally on Sportsnet West; 15 of those will be on the Sportsnet Oilers channel. The remaining 36 will be televised nationally on NHL on Sportsnet. These national broadcasts will include 15 Saturday night games on Hockey Night in Canada and 10 on Hometown Hockey which airs on Sunday nights.

With all 82 games on television combined with the Connor McDavid hype, if you are the owner of a television it's going to be hard to avoid the Oilers this season. Unlike recent years, hopefully there is something to cheer for in November and beyond. Besides another draft lottery win, of course.

If you're interested, the Oilers have the full list of games (which has also been included below) and some of the schedule highlights as well. Or just read this post from the good people at Pension Plan Puppets on why fewer people are tuning in to watch hockey.