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Predict the Score: Oilers vs Bruins

Play our predict the score contest.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

After two months on guessing who would score first it's time to start a new contest, and since I'm not that creative I'm going to borrow a format that we've used before. Rather than guessing who will score, we're just asking you to predict what the score will be. It's a contest so simple that even a Flames fan could do it.

How to Play: Please put your prediction in the subject line with the Oilers listed first. Oilers x - Bruins y

How Points Will Be Awarded: 5 points for a correct prediction. 2 points if you only get the Oilers' score right. And 1 point if you only get the opposition's score correct.

What You're Playing For: A Taylor Hall jersey shirt.

Your prediction must be submitted by game time. Submissions posted after game time will be deleted.