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Connor McDavid To Be Featured on 60 Minutes

Not 60 minutes of hockey, the other 60 Minutes.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So it turns out that Connor McDavid is a pretty big deal. The coverage/hype in Edmonton has been virtually non stop since the Oilers won the draft lottery back in April. But it's not just Edmonton where he's a big deal, it's all around North America. Suddenly the Oilers are a hot ticket when they're on the road, and now some news that he'll be featured in an upcoming episode of 60 Minutes. Yeah, he's a pretty big deal.

Of course some will complain that there is too much pressure on the kid, that he's only played a half dozen games, and that we all need to relax. I understand that position, I don't agree with it but I understand it. It's good for the game and it's good for him as a brand. This is the life of a superstar in today's world, and it's something that he's been preparing for since he was 14. And as Jason Gregor pointed out in a follow-up tweet, this is something that's been in the works for 18 months, long before he arrived in Edmonton.

It might all seem a little crazy to you and I but it's the reality that he lives in, and so far he seems to be handling it just fine.