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Edmonton Loses the Draft Lottery; Will Select Fourth.

You can't win them all.

Abelimages/Getty Images

I don't quite know what to say, the Oilers lost the lottery tonight. All three of them in fact, and will pick fourth. I'm almost at a loss for wards. Have we lost our magic touch? Is Peter Chiarelli just not as lottery savvy as past Oilers GMs? These are questions that demand answers.

Although this is not the pick that Oilers fans had hoped for, or had come to expect, it is still a pick that should land the team a very good hockey player. And after four wins in the previous six seasons, the Oilers had already established themselves as a draft lottery dynasty, tonight's slight misstep does nothing to change how future generations will view this team.

What happens now? Who do the Oilers take with this pick? Will it be a forward or a defenceman? Or maybe this will be the season that the team finally moves their first round pick for some help on the blue line. I have my doubts but it could happen. Say they do use the pick, does that make someone else one the roster expendable in the search for a defenceman? These are the questions that we get to ponder between now and June 24.