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NHL Draft 2016

Jesse Puljujarvi, Somehow, #4 to Edmonton

The Edmonton Oilers had no reason to hope they'd get one of, by far, the three best players in the draft. And they did.

NHL Draft: Round 1 Discussion Thread

Come chat with us as teenagers are compared to Hall of Fame players.

NHL Draft: Selection order, mock draft, and more

30 picks and hopefully a few trades as well. Round 1 of the NHL Draft goes tonight.

The rumours are baffling

Some of the items out there are absolutely astounding for the Oilers.

The problem with looking at players in a vacuum

This is the draft that turns it all around. Stanley Cup here we come.

2016 NHL Entry Draft: Where the Oilers pick

A total of 211 players will be drafted this weekend. The Oilers will make nine of those selections.

2016 NHL Mock Draft: Pierre-Luc Dubois to Edmonton

With the 4th overall selection in the 2016 SB Nation NHL Mock Draft, Copper & Blue selects Cape Breton Screaming Eagles forward, Pierre-Luc Dubois.

A Defining Moment

The Oilers have a chance to make an immediate impact on the roster in the next month.

Getting Better in a "Relatively Short Period of Time"

Peter Chiarelli talks about trading the team's first round pick. Is it likely to happen?

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Sunil Joins Arctic Ice Hockey To Talk Lottery

Following last night's draft lottery loss, Sunil joined the Arctic Ice Hockey Podcast to discuss which players are now in the Oilers' sights, organizational needs, whether they would entertain trade offers, and more

Edmonton Loses the Lottery; Will Select Fourth.

You can't win them all.

What Do The Oilers Do With Their First Pick?

Will they trade the pick? If they don't who do the draft? We break down some of the possibilities.

NHL Central Scouting Final Draft Rankings

Since the Oilers aren't in the playoffs, we're looking ahead to the draft.

2016 NHL Draft Lottery Odds

The Oilers finished 29th this season and have a shot at the first pick in the draft. The odds of them selecting first are a lot different than the last time the team was in this position though.

The Oilers Lock Up A Pick In The Top 5

With one game left to play the Oilers can do no better than 29th place.

The Oilers Can Now Finish No Better Than 28th

The Oilers got one step closer to another last place finish last night.