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Oilers Announce 2017-18 Home Opener, October 4 versus Calgary

A visit from our provincial rivals is a nice way to kick off a new season.

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

This morning that Oilers announced that they will host their provincial rivals, the Calgary Flames, in their 2017-18 home opener, a game that is scheduled for October 4. New jerseys last night, awards and expansion tonight, and now schedule information, if you’re having trouble keeping up you’re not alone.

Last season’s transformation from also-ran to playoff team included a reversal of fortune against the Flmaes as well. After years of struggling against Calgary, both at home and on the road, the Oilers swept the season series with the Flames last year, and outscored the 20-11 along the way. The Flames did mange to get a single point out of the series when they lost in a shootout to the Oilers in January.

The offseason hasn’t really even starts and already hopes are high for the Oilers next year. Opening up the team’s home schedule with a win against Calgary, preferably a very lopsided win, would be a great first step towards meeting those expectations.

For those interested here is a list of every team’s home opener.

Anaheim Ducks: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Arizona
Arizona Coyotes: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Vegas
Boston Bruins: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Nashville
Buffalo Sabres: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Montreal
Calgary Flames: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Winnipeg
Carolina Hurricanes: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Minnesota
Chicago Blackhawks: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Pittsburgh
Colorado Avalanche: Wednesday, October. 11 vs. Boston
Columbus Blue Jackets: Friday, October. 6 vs. NY Islanders
Dallas Stars: Friday, October. 6 vs. Vegas
Detroit Red Wings: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Minnesota
Edmonton Oilers: Wednesday, October. 4 vs. Calgary
Florida Panthers: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Tampa Bay
Los Angeles Kings: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Philadelphia
Minnesota Wild: Saturday, October. 14 vs. Columbus
Montreal Canadiens: Tuesday, October. 10 vs. Chicago
Nashville Predators: Tuesday, October. 10 vs. Philadelphia
New Jersey Devils: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Colorado
New York Islanders: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Buffalo
New York Rangers: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Colorado
Ottawa Senators: Thursday, October. 5 vs. Washington
Philadelphia Flyers: Saturday, October. 14 vs. Washington
Pittsburgh Penguins: Wednesday, October. 4 vs. St. Louis
San Jose Sharks: Wednesday, October. 4 vs. Philadelphia
St. Louis Blues: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Dallas
Tampa Bay Lightning: Friday, October. 6 vs Florida
Toronto Maple Leafs: Saturday, October. 7 vs. NY Rangers
Vancouver Canucks: Saturday, October. 7 vs. Edmonton
Vegas Golden Knights: Tuesday, October. 10 vs. Arizona
Washington Capitals: Saturday, October. 7 vs Montreal
Winnipeg Jets: Wednesday, October. 4 vs. Toronto