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Connor McDavid Will Be Out of the Oilers Lineup For Months

We knew it was coming. Still sucks to hear it.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

It's the news that we all knew was coming but none of use wanted to hear, Connor McDavid will be out of the Oilers lineup for a couple of months with a broken left clavicle. An exact timeline isn't know yet but Peter Chiarelli made it crystal clear that we're talking about months. Plural. As in more than one.

With McDavid's return scheduled for after Christmas, hoepfully before the All-Star Game, the focus now will shift to how the Oilers handle life without him. Do the break up the Taylor Hall - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - Leon Draisaitl combination to move Draisaitl into the 2C spot? With Jordan Eberle set to return as soon as Friday where does he fit in?