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A Non-Update Update on Justin Schultz

What is wrong with Justin Schultz?

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night Justin Schultz left the game after being bumped into the end boards. On the replay it looks like a harmless enough play, the kind you see dozens of times a night, but something must have happened on that play, a tweak or a pull of something, to force him out of the rest of the game.

Fast forward to yesterday when the team was practicing in Leduc before flying to Minnesota to take on the Wild and we get updates like this:

And now today's "update:"

Obviously none of us know what exactly is wrong with Schultz, but that seems like quite the change over the course of 24 hours. Going from waiting on test results to flying a guy in from Europe seems, to me at least and I'm not a doctor, to be a major change of direction. And it certainly is the kind of thing that makes you wonder when exactly Schultz will be returning to the Oilers line-up.