The Oilers Website Hasn't Gotten Over the Hall Trade Either


Scrolling through the Oilers new website (which looks very nice by the way) I came across the team leaderboard. And then I cried a little. Clearly the team isn't over the deal quite yet either.

Oilers refer to the last decade as "other"


In a poll on the Oilers website, fans are asked about their favourite memories from Rexall Place. Noticeably absent from the list is any mention of the last decade, presumably this is covered by "other."

(H/T @MackLamoureux for noticing this)

Orange Jersey Nights


If you're a fan of the Oilers' new orange jerseys then you'll want to make sure you get to one of these games to see them live. This is taken from an email sent to season ticket holders this afternoon.

Thu, 15 Oct. 2015 vs. St. Louis
Sat, 31 Oct. 2015 vs. Calgary
Mon, 21 Dec. 2015 vs. Winnipeg
Sat, 16 Jan. 2016 vs. Calgary
Thu, 11 Feb. 2016 vs. Toronto
Fri, 18 Mar. 2016 vs. Vancouver
Wed, 6 Apr. 2016 vs. Vancouver

Oilers and Jets to Play 3-on-3 Overtime Tomorrow Night


As per the above email sent to season ticket holders, at the conclusion of the pre-season game between the Oilers and Jets tomorrow night the two sides will play a five minute 3-on-3 overtime period regardless of the score. A little free hockey for all in attendance.

Oilers Prep For Chiarelli's Reign


The Edmonton Oilers are already hard at work in the off-season, preparing for an organization with a different kind of focus.

The Silver Lining


Things weren't all bad for the Oilers and David Perron last night...

Tkachev's Goodbye


"Edmonton thanks for the invitation to training Camp! I am very grateful for the leadership of such a chance! I had the best camp I immediately liked it very much and I'll be happy to return back to the team for next season!" - Tkachev on Instagram (

Ben Scrivens Has Endless Potential


The Oilers upgraded in net today as you can see by this statistical examination of Scrivens' current development path. via @BSH_EricT