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There’s More than the NHL to Edmonton Hockey

Options for hockey fans either waiting for the NHL's return or looking for something else.

Back to the Orange Third Jersey

If the rumours are correct we could finally have the orange jersey we've all been waiting for.

Armchair GM - The Salary Cap

A quick review of the Oilers' current salary cap situation

Armchair GM - RFA Edition

June 25th is quickly approaching and qualifying offers need to be in. What would you do?

Where's MacT?

Where is Craig MacTavish hiding?

Featured Fanshot

Oilers Prep For Chiarelli's Reign


Wherever I may roam, On land or sea or foam, You can always hear me singing this song..wait a second, who is signing this song?

Your Contest Winner Is...

Who has a brand spanking new puck rug? This guy...

Don't Worry, It's Almost Over

Another season that can't end soon enough is almost over.

What Is The One Thing The Oilers Could Do ...

The Oilers asked, we'd like you answer.

Featured Fanshot

The Fans Get Fiesty

[I] hear once the season is over they are going to tear this down and start rebuilding
David Murray, responding to a po...

Predict & Win Standings Updated

Looking for a koozie? Good news! No one is mathematically eliminated!

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Oilers Interview

If you watch nothing else about the Oilers today, make sure you catch this. It's a work of art.

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Does Cupid Love The Sens?

Avry asks the tough questions

Fan Take: Petry Scouting Report

What will a team like the Red Wings get when they trade for Jeff Petry?

This is your Justin Schultz.

We're beyond the point of making fun. Interventions are necessary

Power Rankings

The Preds and Hawks are the best in the league. Will they stay there through April?

Updated Oilers Possession Stats

Corsi, Zonestarts, Quality of Competition, Quality of Teammate, and Zonestart-adjusted Corsi

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Oilers Get A Lump Of Coal

The Oilers are on the naughty list once again

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San Jose Woes

Be it San Jose, LA or Anaheim a win in California probably is not going to come this season for the Oilers.

Edmonton Aints

It's about time Oilers fans whip out an old New Orleans trick.

Predict the Next Useless Firing

You choose who the Oilers are going to fire next

Fasth Struggles With His Schwartz

Fasth Pulls A Salo

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Is This Rock Bottom?

It has to be rock bottom.

NHL Power Rankings - Birds Rule

I’m not saying I agree with it, its just that bird law in this country is not governed by reason.

Kings Rising, Detroit Back To Old Form?

The Ducks, Flames Kings and Wings are all up this week.

Featured Fanshot

Jeff Chapman on Lowetide's Radio Show

Fast forward to the 11-minute mark to hear our very own DJ Jazzy Jeff Chapman spin a few yarns with Allan Mitchell on TSN 1260. Jeff highlights his take on how to save the Oilers (hint: he don't need no water) and talks about Dallas Eakins. He remains stunningly calm and well-measured even with the topics at hand. Follow Jeff on Twitter @newwaveoil

Synchronized Jultzing

When one Jultz isn't enough for you.

The Double Jultz

Justin Schultz has no idea what he's doing.

Featured Fanshot

Boston Bruins Fan Liam Sits On The Bench

Guess which Bruin is a dad?

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Rocky Balboa and Cheesesteak

A win would help my sleep patterns because as you can see in this video, sleep is becoming a very distressing thing for me lately.

Loving Embrace

A touching moment in the midst of bedlam.