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The SuperFan Podcast – Episode 45 – Matt Henderson (@Archaeologuy)

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Claude Giroux and the Edmonton Oilers

Losing Evander Kane will take some goals off the board. Gaining Claude Giroux would help.

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2022 NHL Draft Profile : Owen Beck

Mississauga centre comes prepackaged with a 200 foot game and great puck skills

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NHL Mock Draft 2022: Oilers Select Jimmy Snuggerud

Snuggerud falls to 29th in our SB Nation Mock Draft.

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2022 NHL Draft Profile: Ivan Miroshnichenko

Could Edmonton finally hit on a Russian first rounder?

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You Make The Call!

Vincent Desharnais, Phil Kemp and Michael Kesselring are three defencemen looking to make the jump to the show. Who is most likely to make the move?

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The Latest

Copper And Blue Podcast: Offseason Primer

Cap space? Drafts? Free agent acquisitions? The Oilers will need to chart the offseason waters carefully in order to come back stronger in October.

Stanley Cup Fun

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Jagger Firkus

Could the high-flying Firkus Circus take up residency in Edmonton?

EXTENDED: Oilers Remove Interim Tag, Extend Head Coach Jay Woodcroft

A good coach makes all the difference. This one rightfully gets rewarded with a three year extension.

What Should Ryan McLeod’s Next Deal Look Like?

Once again, the Oilers again have an opportunity to buy low and save.

Where Does Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Fit In 2022-23?

Ken Holland and the Edmonton Oilers have a busy off-season in front of them, though finding the right fit for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is among the most important things they need to do.

Carpe Diem Mon Ami

Raphael Lavoie needs to make 2022-23 the year he takes a big step forward.

Is Holland a good drafter?

Kicking Tires On John Gibson

Oilers are again in need of an upgrade in goal. John Gibson is a big name, but is he a big improvement?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

EXTENDED: Brad Malone Signs For Two More Years

Condors stalwart saw eight games with Oilers in 2021-22

Mikko Koskinen Heads To Switzerland For 2022-23

Career high win total for Koskinen in 2021-22, he’ll move on to Switzerland’s HC Lugano in 2022-23

A Note To Our Readers

The Youth Movement Needs To Take Flight

The percolating needs to start paying off in 2022-23.

Getting Creative With Cap Space

The Stars moved Ben Bishop’s cap hit along with a seventh round pick. The Oilers could take a page from Dallas’ playbook.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Evander Kane’s thank-you to fans likely signals his departure. If he’s out, who’s in?

The Good, the Bad and the Holland - Season Review

Featured Fanshot

CBC Radio Active: Re-cap of the Oilers season

I joined Rod Kurtz on CBC Radio Active in Edmonton to talk about the Oilers series against the Avalanche and where they stuggled. We talked about the impact Jay Woodcroft and Dave Manson have had since being hired and how they were able to find so much success. And we talked about the top priorities this summer, including integrating analytics into their decision-making process and better managing the cap to ensure long-term success.

The Bar Has Been Set

The third round wasn’t kind to the Oilers, but they were closer than the scoreboard suggested. They’ve got to turn a net-positive season into a positive offseason.

Game 4 Recap: Colorado 6, Edmonton 5 (OT)

Avalanche overcome third period deficits to win in overtime, sweep Oilers in Western Conference Final

GAME THREAD: Game 4- Edmonton Oilers vs. Colorado Avalanche

Dylan Holloway draws in as the Oilers look to avoid the sweep.

Featured Fanshot

The SuperFan Podcast – Episode 44 – Romulus’ Apotheosis (@RomulusNotNuma)

The SuperFan Podcast - Sunil Agnihotri · The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 44 - Romulus' Apotheosis (@RomulusNotNuma)

Joined by Romulus’ Apotheosis (@RomulusNotNuma) on the show to discuss the Edmonton Oilers playoff run, what the key drivers have been (aside from McDavid), and what the weak spots are. We also talked about the impact this playoff run will have on the Oiler’s decision-making process in the off-season, especially with some key RFA players like McLeod, Puljujärvi and Yamamoto needing contracts. And we discussed why the Oilers should be changing their overall approach in constructing a roster and managing the cap, and being cautious with signing Kane to a long-term deal.

Oilers, Woodcroft Gaining Valuable Experience

The Oilers have been overmatched by a powerhouse Avalanche team so far. What have they learned?

GAME RECAP: Oilers 2, Avalanche 4

Oilers lose a critical G3 at home and are now one loss away from a summer at the golf course.

2022 PLAYOFFS - GAME 3: Edmonton Oilers vs. Colorado Avalanche

Oilers need to right the ship tonight at home.

Oilers Success Dependent on Supporting Goaltenders

The Oilers have got to support their netminder with some goal support at the other end.

GAME THREAD: Game 2 - Edmonton Oilers @ Colorado Avalanche

Oilers need to tighten up on defence while keeping the offensive output up high.

Featured Fanshot

CBC Radio Active: Re-cap of game one between the Oilers and Avalanche

Joined Rod Kurtz on CBC Radio Active to re-cap game one between the Oilers and Avalanche. We discussed the Cale Makar off-side goal, where the Oilers struggled, what roster tweaks they could potentially make to find an edge, and more.

Gimme my Yanni, my James Hamblin!

Prospect James Hamblin could be a Swiss Army knife for the Edmonton Oilers.

Plenty Of Goals To Go Around, But The Oilers Will Need A Tighter Game 2

Firepower was delivered as promised in Tuesday’s 8-6 loss to the Avalanche. Can the Oilers flip the script on Thursday?

Avalanche Draw First Blood

Colorado edges out Edmonton in a high-scoring 8-6 series opener

GAME THREAD: Game 1 - Edmonton Oilers @ Colorado Avalanche

Oilers look to kick the Conference Championship series off with a bang

Pickin’ Winners With Copper And Blue - Western Conference Finals Edition

Four wins separate these two teams from competing in the Cup Finals. Who do you got?