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Los Angeles Kings Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

It’s the King’s tonight. I have this theory on the West. It’s WIDE OPEN. I’m not seeing a clearcut favorite or clearcut easy opponent.

If Vegas and Colorado were at 100% then I’d say them without hesitation.

LA is a beautiful team but the goaltending situation (while slightly improved) isn’t the best.

We have a beautiful group of 4 forwards outscoring opponents and hiding a lot of mistakes. We don’t have a legit goalie though and are hoping that Skinner pulls a Binnington (which very well may happen).

Jets have the best goalie but are in a dogfight with the OT point champions, Calgary.

Dallas looks to have a nice combo of pieces. Heiskanen and Oetinger is a nice combo!

Minnesota plays an infuriating D style and can really drive you crazy.

Seattle has a nice roster but goaltending isn’t encouraging either.

No one is really complete in the West. Not one matchup is a sure thing IMO. I see a lot of close matchups. I think our hopes will live and die on our Goalies and Top 4 D pairings. Neither is 100% solid on paper. I’m not sure what more Connor and Drai can do in the playoffs?

For those that have missed it. JP isn’t playing right now. No points in 8 games, lowering minutes and either injured or scratched for the last 2 games. Nick B has 5 points in 12 games for us. He seems to be the closest thing to a JP replacement to my eye.

So today’s poll question:


Do you feel the Oiler’s are worse without JP today?

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Last poll was won by Larsson.