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GDT: Sharks vs Oilers

San Jose Sharks v Colorado Avalanche
Is it a battle of former Leaf goalies tonight? Should see at least 10 goals if so.
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Welcome back!

Tonight is the Sharks and there are a few reasons I’m fascinated with this one:

  1. I was in charge of our Mock Draft and drafted Martin Kaut... at the time everyone said I was nuts and he’d be a bust. Well, you were probably right! But I will cheer for him to the end.
  2. Campbell may be the starter and that’s always fun!
  3. Reimer may be starting tonight and in his honor:

I’d go to the 10 minute mark when the Leafs are up 4-1. It’s rare I post Leafs highlights but, for some reason, this felt appropriate tonight. You could tell Reimer didn’t like that Leafs jersey either. Note who the B’s had out in final minute.. Jagr, Krejci and Chara.

I say 5-1 win if Skinner is playing and 6-5 win if Campbell is. Cheering for Kaut to stay in the NHL to be honest!