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GDT: Hello Sid!

New York Islanders v Pittsburgh Penguins
Werid, they gave me an elite D and G and I won a cup. Wonder why Connor doesn’t have one?
Photo by Justin K. Aller/NHLI via Getty Images

Welcome back!

It is the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight!

Like McDavid (and Drai), Crosby (and Malkin) are on different planets when it comes to this game.

The difference? Crosby got some elite D’s and G’s in his tenure. McDavid didn’t. You can talk all you want about Crosby turning average players into elite scorers (which is true!) but he also has had much stronger supporting casts.

Trade updates since we’re landing a big fish at a reasonble cost

Soon we’ll have Chycrum, EK and Orlov! Holland is VERY BUSY decided which one we keep. One guy he won’t get?

But don’t worry! EK will waive to come here for sure. Orlov is dying to come here (along with all the other Russians that have just loved Edmonton) and Chychrum is all but ours. Speaking of Chychrum:

How has this not happened? It’s literally the most obvious answer!

Here is how I see it ending... Chychrum goes to LA, EK stays and Orlov goes to Boston. We get Luke Schenn and celebrate the Cup in March.

We’re also in on Patrick Kane so expect Martin Kaut.


We get one of those 4 guys at the worst cost in Oilers history (and that is saying something).

Like you, I’d love to hear about an awesome trade that makes us Cup Contenders. I’d love to believe Kenny will swing some amazing trade. I really would! I’ll hold my breath.

I hope we win. Pen’s are struggling and we need wins. We are ‘battling’ to stay in the playoffs in a very weak division and conference. We SHOULD be Cup Contenders. We are probably one good trade away for a D.

Also, JP is now staying in Edmonton. That is today. It’ll be different tomorrow. Remember, reporting around a trade deadline and watching a monkey paint a fence is about the same level of accuracy!