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GDT: Oilers vs Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Headshots
Seriously, is he okay?
Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s the non playoff Flyers tonight!

Back to the 11-7 which is good. Desharnais back which is good (but please stop thinking the’s the key to our success). JP on line 4... ouch.

No Kane or Kostin.

Skinner starts. He’s not been great lately, nor has Campbell.

I say we go up 3-0 and lose.. must be some kind of record to do that 3 in a row, no?

In more important news:

Erik Karlsson may or may not come here

He may or may not waive his NMC

We are in on Chychrum

We may also not get him

We are in on Gavirkov

We may also not get him

Remember, everytime you see a primo trade target that our leader is Ken Holland. Some D he has traded for include the last 2 games of Mike Green’s career and the final season of Duncan Keith’s career. He paid premium for those.

Need 4 to win.

I’d also like to bring some attention to this.. this was insane!