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GDT: Oilers vs Avs

Colorado Avalanche v Washington Capitals
Proof a ordinary goalie can win a Cup
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Game day!

Get the Avs today.

Good news is that they are full of injuries and not themselves. They may not make playoffs and I strongly suggest we do everything we can to help that happen today.

A lot of fans consider us a Cup Conternder and like to point out we were in the ‘final 4’ last year. Sure, LA was playing an AHL team but the Calgary win was damn enjoyable!

Nonetheless, we met the Avs and got swept by their backup. We weren’t really close at all and the big difference was their D was MILES ahead of ours. My takeaway was our D isn’t good enough to win a Cup. It’s not a serious D at all. Ceci on first pari? Nurse as THE GUY? Kulak as a top 4 stud? Just not feeling it.

Last game I pointed out the Rangers are good at every position. Vezina calibre goalie, Norris calibre D. We don’t have either of those things. The good news? The Avs won a cup with Darcy Kuemper who is an excellent goalie but not a Vezina calibre goalie.

When I think of teams that might win the cup they have at least TWO A’s out of 3.

Avs last year:

Forwards: A

Defense: A+

Goalie: B+

Bruins this year:

Forwards: A

Defense: A

Goalie: A+

Oilers this year:

Forwards: A+

Defense: B-

Goalies: B

Easiest thing to fix is the D.