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GDT... Rangers and let’s talk about Mikko!

NHL: MAY 31 Western Conference Finals Game 1 - Oilers at Avalanche
You guys thought I was bad?
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We got the Ranger’s tonight. They have a beauty offence, a beauty D and a beauty goalie. I’m not saying they will win the cup but they really have no glaring weakness. Vezina calibre goalies and Norris level D’s are a nice luxury that we absolutely don’t have. We have nothing even close to a Fox or Shesterkin. Their forward group is insanely good. My only gripe? Chytil was ‘chyt’ing up and they traded for Tarasenko and I think that’ll hurt Chytil.

Oilers are without Holloway and Desharnais but Yam is back and playing. JP should be in too.

You may have heard trade rumours about the Apparantly we are all over EK. I’ve pointed out that Chia couldn’t get him here when he had a M-NTC in 2018. I’m not sure why EK would waive his full NMC now to come here? I’m also not sure it’s even worth pursuing if he is willing to waive. If it costs us Bouchard then I hate it.

We don’t talk about Mikko anymore!

I did a lot of exhausting statistical work this afternoon and found something interesting.

First off.. without googling... who do you think leads the Oil in regular season WINS since the start of last season? Who do you think leads in regular season save percentage? Who do you think leads in regular season games played?

OK... scroll down....

Going back to the start of last season. Mikko leads the Oil in Games played and wins (AINEC). We all agreed he was awful and needed to go. Just sayin.

The reason I looked it up was because it occured to me that Campbell and Koskinen may have played about the same amount of games in Oil silks by now and I was curious who was better. Turns out, Mikko has played a lot more but Campbell is at 28 games (to Mikko’s 45) but I still think it’s fair to look at their stats:

After the exact same number of 28 games. Smith was at .915 and Campbell is at .888. Miko was .903.

My point? Campbell is nowhere near the level of Mikko Koskinen.

Go Oiler’s... tough stretch coming up! Hopefully it isn’t a ‘need 5 to win’ situation.