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GDT Oilers vs Wings... Again

Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils Photo by Jared Silber/Getty Images

Detroit is in a weird spot. Not in playoffs but close. There 2nd leading scorers amongst forwards is Kubalik who plays on line 4. Zadina has not developed as planned. They won't play Vrana. He is a healthy scratch tonight. Our top 6 is much better than Detroit's and we could use Vrana. Not sure how they can't?

JP continues to languish.

Gavrikov sits and waits.

Chychrum sits and waits.

So does Edmundson.

Vrana is available for peanuts.

Weird thing I noticed today.. we don't really have a 6th forward scoring at a top 6 rate!

We have the big 4 of McDavid, Drai, RNH and Hyman. Then we have top 6er Evander Kane who has not played as much and has less points but is a top 6 player.

That is it. Our 6th forward could arguably be anyone from Yam, JP, Holloway, Ryan, McLeod or Foegele. Did I mention Vrana is very much available? We need a D to be a cup contender but he would not hurt our top 6.

Campbell is starting and is on a nice streak.

Oilers 3-1.