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Bet On Dylan Holloway

Dominant performance at YoungStars tournament is likely precursor to standout preseason. Buy now.

Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers Photo by Marissa Baecker / Getty Images

The YoungStars tournament is in the books, and the Oilers’ prospects finished a cool 3-0. (If you didn’t get a chance to check out Bruce Curlock’s live post-game analysis of each game, I’d suggest you go have a look.

What did we learn? A few things. James Hamblin might make a push for regular season action, something I don’t know anyone would have considered in the last few months. Jake Chiasson showed well, and Reid Schaefer had his looks. Xavier Bourgault was in the mix with some great passing and he did his fair share creating turnovers.

We also saw Dylan Holloway eat.

Holloway did it all in this year’s YoungStars tournament. He scored multiple goals, he put passes on sticks, he made himself known on the ice almost every shift. I feel strongly about Holloway making the main roster out of camp, and I think he ought to start at 3LW along with Ryan McLeod at centre. There’s a preseason to get through, so that will all get worked out in due time.

This is a strong candidate to make an impact on a third line as a rookie. Put him with Ryan McLeod and let’s see what they can do together.

Starting Holloway on line three would move Warren Foegele to the fourth line - or off the roster in a trade that could see the Oilers save nearly 2MM in cap space. Foegele is an everyday NHLer with a somewhat limited ceiling when it comes to scoring goals. The only Oiler to dress in all 82 games in 2021-22, he put together a 12-14-26 campaign averaging twelve and a half minutes per game in 2021-22. Foegele’s career high was 13 goals two years ago while a member of the Hurricanes. He can certainly play on an NHL roster, but I can’t see how you put Edmonton’s first rounder from 2020 at eight minutes a night. Barring anything wacky in the upcoming preseason, I think the Oilers will have an easy choice to make with the soon-to-be 21 year-old from Calgary.

It’s time to let the big dog eat.