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Copper And Blue Podcast: Offseason Primer

Cap space? Drafts? Free agent acquisitions? The Oilers will need to chart the offseason waters carefully in order to come back stronger in October.

Detroit Red Wings v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Stanley Cup has been awarded and the offseason starts.

Join Preston, Shona, and Rob as they break down every tiny detail that the Edmonton Oilers will have to address this summer. Which goalie should the Oilers pursue? How should they free up cap space? What do they do with the RFAs?

The Oilers made it to the third round of this year’s playoffs before falling to the eventual Stanley Cup Champions. With a limited budget going forward, Ken Holland’s Oilers will need to either make a trade to free up some cap space, or they might go the way of the buyout to make some much needed room. The Oilers are saying they want to re-sign Evander Kane, but their lack of cap space might prove to be just too much for them to overcome. Can the Oilers create some wiggle room?

Our crew answers these questions (and much more!) in this special edition of the Copper & Blue Podcast!