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Is Holland a good drafter?

Edmonton Oilers 2019-2020 Headshots Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

I was reading an article about Tomas Mazura today on (Official Czech hockey site). My takeaway is that he will probably not see the NHL any time soon if ever. No problem, he was always a reach and a late round pick. His buddy (from the same town) seems like he might be in the NHL soon... Matej Blumel. Then I noticed Ilya Konovalov is gone too!

It seems you start getting rewarded 4 years out from the draft. I’ve always felt a good draft should have 2 future players on your roster. Your first rounder and 1 or 2 guys taken in round 2 or later that make your team eventually.

Affordable depth on an ELC would be amazing. Looking at the finals last night, here are some guys not drafted in round 1 helping out the Lightning:

Kucherov (2nd), Palat (7th), Vasilevskiy (2nd), Point (4th), Cirelli (3rd)

Oiler’s don’t have many 2nd rounders we drafted on our roster. McLeod is the only one to my knowledge that is excelling and sticking around. Other non first rounders that have played for us include Bear (gone), Jones (gone), Lagesson (gone), Benson (probably gone), Skinner (definitely sticking around), Marino (gone) and Niem (might be back!). That’s going back to 2014.

So I thought I’d take a quick look at Holland’s drafting as he’s now drafted close to 20 guys and had 3 drafts.

3 drafts, 18 players taken, 2 already gone and 3 points total.

Kono and Blumel are gone for free. So that first draft is already down to 4 players left. I fully expect Bro in the NHL full time next season and to improve on his 3 points. The next most likely non first round NHLer was in fact Blumel and he will be a Dallas Star or an AHLer next season so too soon to call that a mistake (yes, I will be keeping track to see how he compares to Tulio, Savoie, Lavoie and Petrov). Lavoie also has a good chance to make it.

Holloway did get in a playoff game and has his NHL debut behind him. I fully expect him full time for the Oil next season too. Petrov is looking like a steal so far.

3 years is still very early to ‘look back’.

So I was curious what the readers thoughts were? Do we see ourselves looking back at Holland’s first 3 drafts and seeing value outside of Round 1? Do we think all 3 first rounders go on to be surefire NHLers? Who else will crack the NHL for us?


Are you happy with Ken Holland’s drafting?

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We only have 4 picks at this upcoming draft. Round 1, 5, 6 and 7. 1 player in first 100.

Holland has traded these picks away either directly or as part of a package:

2022 2nd and 2024 7th for Kulak

2022 3rd for Keith

2022 4th for Kulikov

2021 1st for 2021 1st and 3rd - Walstedt for Bourgault and Munzenberger

2020 2nd and 2021 2nd for AA

2020 4th for Mike Green

2021 3rd for Lucic

Let me know if I missed any.