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A Note To Our Readers

Hi everyone. I hope you are well.

At Copper and Blue, we strive to provide you, gentle reader, with several things. One of them is an avenue to discuss the Edmonton Oilers hockey club. It’s something that we enjoy being a part of, and we hope that your experience here is enjoyable at worst. We want to provide you with analysis and a place for you to have your say about the team and the work that comes from our staff, who are dedicated to providing you with high quality content for you to enjoy.

To cut a long story short, we pride ourselves on the work that we do. We respect and appreciate every one of our readers who provide thoughtful debate, criticism, or just want to stop by and read what’s on the screen.

Because of this, we have chosen not to cover a story involving current Edmonton Oilers in a video that surfaced late last night. Plain talk: I don’t think covering this provides value to you, our reader. I also don’t think supposing why the video exists or what the actions or intentions of those in the video are will provide any worthwhile discourse at this time. The document in question will likely provide plenty of clicks for some websites, and that’s fine for them. I don’t think anything will explain, offer clarity, or provide the reader with material that will offer a quality experience at this time.

I appreciate your readership.

Jeff Chapman

Managing Editor, Copper and Blue