The SuperFan Podcast – Episode 38 – Michael Parkatti (@mparkatti)

The SuperFan Podcast - Sunil Agnihotri · The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 38 - Michael Parkatti (@mparkatti)

Joined by Michael Parkatti (@mparkatti) to talk analytics and how NHL teams like the Edmonton Oilers can integrate some of the best-practices out there into their decision-making processes. Michael shared his experience getting into hockey analytics, including winning the Oilers Hackathon event in 2013 and actually getting to work with the Oilers. We also talked about how analytics is used in the real-world by competitive organizations, what the Oilers would need to do get started and how to get the most out of an analytics department. The SuperFan Podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts from, including Apple, Google, Amazon and Spotify.

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