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Time to panic?

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Carolina Hurricanes
On one hand... Campbell is on his belly and the Canes are celebrating. On the other hand.. he is surrounded by Devin Shore, Warren Foegele and Evan Bouchard. Which one is it?
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

I was a fan of the Jack Campbell signing. I never thought he’d win a Vezina but I thought he’d be a steady .915 type veteran presence. Calming. The opposite of Mike Smith who was an adventure. Smith was either the best goalie in the world or the worst one on any given night. His highs were exceptional.

Campbell, on the other hand, I figure would never have the highs of Smith but also never have the lows. I was looking forward to a different experience.

So I decided to look at Campbell’s stats from last Remembrance Day to this Remembrance Day.

In a full calendar year (47 games) on two very good teams, Campell is .900. He’s .001 better than Mikko Koskinen (who is in the NLA).

So is it time to panic?

My fear is that management will panic. They will do ‘something’ to ‘fix’ the goaltending. They will see our first game without Evander Kane was really bad and try to ‘fix’ the top 6.

What I HOPE they do is address our Top 4 D and make some trades to solidify our D core. Kane will be back. Campbell is not this bad. Skinner looks ready to take on more games. It’s the D that is the problem. We need one more horse on the backend to slide everyone down a notch. Fix that first and then see how the forwards and goalies are.

What do you think?


The Oilers Number ONE problem is...

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    Jack Campbell
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    Lack of offensive talent
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  • 82%
    Our Defence
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    Other (use the comments and vent)
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