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It’s About To Get Busy Again

The Oilers are going to be especially busy next month as they make up some postponed games all at once.

Ottawa Senators v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s been a tumultuous six weeks for the Oilers, who have won exactly two games since December 1st. It’s been an entire calendar month since the Oilers have won anything, they’ve had to deal with on-and-off Covid outbreaks among their club, two goaltenders are out with a combination of injuries and Covid, the club hasn’t scored any goals, and yesterday there was kerfuffle between a star player and a media member.

Did I miss anything? Probably.

Anyways, all of those postponed games have been rearranged on the schedule starting in February. Let’s take a peak at what got moved, and to where.

February is going to be a busy month for the Oilers. Come to think of it, the entire schedule that remains to be played is going to be jam packed with hockey. That sounds like a good thing, but the Oilers are going to play a lot of games over a short period of time, especially in the month of February.

What could have been an Olympic break for NHL players will turn into a two week period to make up some postponed regular season games. The Oilers will play eight games in thirteen days between February 8th and 20th. That sounds like a lot of games, because it is. Even more noticeable is the five games in a week from February 14th to 20th, bringing Edmonton’s total of Feburary games to twelve.

The Oilers will play their remaining 47 games between now and April 29th, or 47 games in exactly 100 days. Edmonton’s next game is tomorrow against the Florida Panthers.