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Hot Links: Friday, September 3

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T25 U25 begins today! PLUS: T25 U25 graduates, What to expect from Cody Ceci, Kailer Yamamoto and Joel Farabee, and MORE!

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New York Islanders v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Five Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks.

It’s Friday so we’ll keep it brief, but it’s also the Friday before a long weekend AND the start of our T25 U25 series for the 2021 offseason, so bear with me. Number #25 will release later this afternoon, and pieces WILL run through the weekend, so stay tuned and I hope you got your VOTES in.

Yesterday, Jeff profiled two former T25 U25 mainstays who have aged out of this year’s list.

Cody Ceci had arguably his best NHL season last year. It came in a pretty sheltered role and was a bit of an outlier against the rest of his career. He’s projected to pair with (the rotting husk of) Duncan Keith this season, so what’s fair to expect from him? From them?

Philadelphia Flyers F Joel Farabee signed a fat new deal yesterday. A bit on the hefty side, AFAIK, but his progression appears to basically mirror Kailer Yamamoto’s:

Very similar arcs to these two stories. One hitch for Yamamoto: the Oilers have precisely $0 cap dollars available, per PuckPedia, so they can’t just sign him to that deal today. This is a situation to pay attention to, and could end in a number of ways.

In the meantime, enjoy your long weekends, stay safe out there, and keep your eyes peeled for #25-22 in the coming days.

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