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Hot Links: Tuesday, September 14

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This, that, and the other as we barrel toward Oilers Rookie Camp SZN, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow.

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Edmonton Oilers Developement Camp Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Well, ‘twas the eve before Rookie Camp and all through the city, fans canceled their tickets ‘cuz they think masks are shitty.

It’s no surprise to me that, in the province that proudly accommodates absolute morons protesting at hospitals and impacting patient care because they can’t stand to wear a piece of fabric at Winners for 15 minutes, Oilers season tickets are as easy to come by as they’ve ever been in the last 10 years.

But not for the reasons you might expect. Reasons like, you know, being the worst team in the salary cap era, which began in 2005. Or that they had maybe the worst offseason in franchise history in terms of opportunity vs end result. Or because Daryl Katz is a shady dude who hires his friends/idols for roles they don’t deserve, pays actresses for sex or owns extremely right-wing publications that sow discord and hatred like Qu*llette.

No, in fact, it’s because the Oilers — and their infinite audacity — decided to institute some preventative measures to help curb the risk of the MOTHERFUCKING GLOBAL PANDEMIC we’re nipple-deep into the fourth wave of. In other words, like objectively the best thing they’ve done at an organizational level in years. That’s the last straw, apparently. “Shit in my mouth all you want but if you expect me to wear a mask I’m taking my ball and going home.” Or, staying home, I guess.

Why is it like this here? What happened?

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