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Hotlinks: Wednesday, August 11th 2021 Edition

Oilers on the hunt for another defenceman?

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Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Good morning, I hope you are well.

Let’s get right to it.


Forecasting Mike Smith’s 2021-22: Mike Smith performed well last season. Now he’s got a two year contract, can he do it again?


The Oilers And Value Contracts: Three now, two later (Lowetide / The Athletic) - The Oilers have a few good contracts up their sleeves this season, who else is coming down the pipeline soon?

Edmonton Oiler Player Review and Preview: Josh Archibald (Zach Laing, Oilers Nation) - ‘Arch’ put up 13 points this past season, what can we expect to see from him in 2021-22?

“Stay at home” defenceman? Oilers #20 defenceman Philip Kemp was anything but peripatetic in pro debut: (Bruce McCurdy / Edmonton Journal) - Oilers prospect Phil Kemp might not score a bunch, will his play away from the puck get him to the next level?

It’s gonna be Koekkoek, right? It’s got to be Koekkoek. 825K and it’s done. I’d argue the Oilers might need to be more concerned up the roster than the third pair left shot defenceman, which they have four of already.

Nine weeks until the first game of the season. You ready?