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Hot Links: Wednesday July 7

Bargain bin buyouts, projecting the 2021-22 roster, Caleb Jones, draft prospects, protecting Stuart Skinner, buying out James Neal and, unfortunately, more on Duncan Keith.

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Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Morning, folks.

More of the same this morning as there is no real news, just continuations of the rumors you’re already tired of hearing about. People still trying to mental gymnastics themselves into being OK with a Duncan Keith deal, that kind of thing.

It’s something I don’t really understand, TBH — talking yourself into the player being able to play competent NHL minutes on a second or third pair is one thing, but talking yourself into paying even a single asset with positive value for the privilege of finding out is another — but you all know that already. Let’s move on. I’m so tired.

The Stanley Cup Finals hopefully end tonight, with the Montreal Canadiens and their 3-1 deficit somehow back in Tampa Bay for game 5 despite the ongoing tropical storm situation.

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Even for Spec, this is a doozy.

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