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SIGNED: Oilers Re-Sign Tyson Barrie to 3 Year Deal

Oilers re-sign NHL’s 2021 point leading defenceman to a 3 year, 4.5MM AAV deal.

Edmonton Oilers v Winnipeg Jets - Game Four Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

The Oilers are turning back to Tyson Barrie for three years.

Tyson Barrie scored the most points in the NHL among defencemen in the abbreviated 2021 season, he’s getting a new deal to the tune of 4.5MM x 3.

I really liked his deal last season. It was for one year, and I was expecting for it to be a mutual one year deal: Barrie comes to Edmonton, plays with McDavid, pumps his numbers and goes elsewhere. Barrie did come to Edmonton, he played plenty with McDavid, pumped his numbers and probably was going to get a multi-year deal somewhere until Adam Larsson left the building.

Barrie is gifted offensively, but he’s going to to need to be paired preferably with someone who can take up a bit more in their own end. Though he improved a fair bit, Darnell Nurse isn’t that style of player, and I’m even more confident in saying that pairing him with Keith will likely produce some challenging results.

More as the day comes.