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Hot Links: Friday, July 2

This Duncan Keith stuff won’t go away. PLUS: Finding a 3C, the last 10 years of UFA day in Edmonton, Tyson Barrie taking RNH’s assists, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Hope you had a good day off. I spent a fair chunk of mine trying to figure out why in the copper and blue fuck the Edmonton Oilers have any interest in bringing Duncan Keith into the mix.

I couldn’t.

I simply cannot understand it.

I am so tired of trying to wrap my head around just the most inexplicable shit. Honestly. Duncan Keith has been a 1st percentile WAR player over the past three seasons. That means 99% of NHL players — yes, including all the shit ones — have been more valuable than Duncan Keith in the last three years. NINETY-NINE PERCENT. That means a guy like Devin shore, a ~10th percentile player, is comfortably a better bet.

Can you imagine how bad someone has to be today to be a comfortably worse bet than Devin Shore?!

Please. Ken. Don’t.

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