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Hot Links: Tuesday, July 13

Duncan Keith is an Edmonton Oiler. Caleb Jones is no longer. PLUS: What does the Keith acquisition mean for Adam Larsson? AND: Expansion implications, odds of Keith returning to form, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Morning, folks.

Anything big happen in the last 24 hours? Oh, right:

Look, 2010 me would have loved this deal. Absolutely loved it.

2021 me couldn’t possibly hate it more. What an absolutely atrocious piece of business from the highest paid GM in the league. Were this my old fantasy hockey league, the other owners would have vetoed it because, outside of collusion, there is no explanation for willfully making your own team worse for the privilege of making one of your competitors better.

Keith is fully cooked and for the Oilers to squeeze any sort of value out of this deal, he’ll need to recover his form from ~7 years ago. SEVEN. YEARS.

How likely is that, do you think?

How likely is it for a 38 year old who has been among the league’s worst D for at least three years and whose results have been among that group for a good five?

How likely is it for a 38 year old who will (likely) be slotting into the Oilers’ second pair — that might no longer have Adam Larsson on it — the pair that sees the toughest deployment on the team given they spend most of their time away from Connor McDavid’s line?

I’ve got the chances somewhere between none and none. There is no way. There is no way Keith turns back the clock enough to even justify his cap hit, let alone the acquisition price. This was a dereliction of duty by Ken Holland. He should be fired immediately.

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