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Oilers Extend Devin Shore For Two Years

Curious signing for bottom six forward will see him remain an Oiler through at least the 2022-23 season

Edmonton Oilers v Ottawa Senators Photo by André Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

The Edmonton Oilers have made their first off-season signing.

It’s definitely the one that we were all waiting for.

It’s Devin Shore, and it’s for a multi-year extension.

Devin Shore will be an Oiler through the 2022-23 NHL season. He will make 850K if he stays in the NHL, he will make 750K if he is demoted to Bakersfield.

It is, uh, an interesting signing.

DEVIN SHORE is a bottom six forward. Shore averaged a little bit less than eleven minutes a game in 39 games this season, only Patrick Russell and Joakim Nygard averaged less. He scored five goals (two empty netters) and four assists to round it to nine points on the year (5-4-9). Shore spent most of his time with Josh Archibald and Jujhar Khaira this past season, and this line was absolutely crushed when they were on the ice (he finished with a 38.4% CF). Shore finished the year with one goal in the playoffs. Shore does a little penalty killing (about 70 seconds per game), but that’s where it starts and stops. Shore registered 27 shots this season, he had six penalty minutes.


It’s fun to root for Devin Shore, but I can’t for the life of me understand why the Oilers would rush to sign this player. Even more so, I can’t for the life of me understand why they’d sign this player for two years, as this type of player is available by the handful at any given time. I’d speculate that they might want to make him an AHL regular like they did with Adam Cracknell last season, which might have been the incentive to sign the two year deal. But, like with Cracknell last season, it remains a mystery to me why this exact player needed to be locked down four months prior to next season.

Signing Devin Shore completely flies in the face of Holland saying he uses 5 on 5 goal differential. Shore is on the ice for a hell of a lot of goals against at 5 on 5, even though he plays less than 11 minutes a night. Woof.

It’s not the end of the world. There are worse contracts on this club right now, and that neither installs confidence, nor assuages my fear for the future. The contract is completely able to be buried in the minors, so if things really go sideways for Shore, or if the Oilers really sour on the 61st overall pick from the 2012 NHL Draft, they can send him to Bakersfield and absorb no cap hit.

He’s likely a 13th or 14th forward at the season start, and that’s OK in limited doses. If he becomes a regular at any time during the next two years, things could get dicey.