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Hot Links: Wednesday, June 9

Ken Holland’s expansion plans revealed! PLUS: RFA decisions, Darnell Nurse, the offseason, lessons from the playoffs, and MORE!

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2019 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks.

Yesterday’s big news, for me, was another absolute banger from DNB over at The Athletic that shed some light into what he’d been hearing about the Oilers expansion plan.

Let’s do a shallow, emotional recap of some of the best parts:

Courtesy: Daniel Nugent-Bowman | The Athletic

I mean, holy shit. As of right now, it simply doesn’t make logical sense to prefer 7-3-1. They don’t have enough expansion worth protecting, as evidenced by who they’re considering using at least two of those slots on:

Courtesy: Daniel Nugent-Bowman | The Athletic

So this tells me they’re happy to sacrifice Caleb Jones — a cost-controlled NHL D who can move the puck (albeit with, apparently, a bit too much risk for Dave Tippett). His extension last year was counted among Ken Holland’s best work over the summer. Dave Tippett’s freezing him out of the lineup for guys like Kris Russell was right there with his worst. Your mileage may vary either way, but it seems incredibly foolish to me to keep any player who contributed to one of the worst bottom sixes in the league last season at the expense of a good, young, cheap defender. It seems similarly foolish to keep a minor leaguer they wouldn’t even give a sniff while still running one of the worst bottom sixes in the league. I get it, but I don’t get it.

This isn’t even considering losing Oscar Klefbom for nothing. If Klefbom’s toast, they can do things in-season with his cap number as necessary. If that’s not working for them, they can trade out from under it. These things aren’t impossible, they just require an iota of creativity. And it’s still better than keeping a fourth liner and losing a top-six LD who can skate and make a puck play in my book.

If they want to go 7-3-1, OK, but they’d better acquire some players to make it worthwhile:

Courtesy: Daniel Nugent-Bowman | The Athletic

Huh. Well then. If Holland isn’t willing to move some of this teams’ assets to get better immediately, he’s not the right man for the job. There’s some relief in his not dealing Bouchard, but I don’t count Phil Broberg (or Holloway or McLeod for that matter) untouchable.

Let’s move on:

Courtesy: Daniel Nugent-Bowman | The Athletic

Just an album’s worth of hits here. First, signing Adam Larsson prior to the expansion draft would, truly, be asinine. If he wants to be here, agree to the figures and tell him to turn his phone off for a couple of days. That it’s their preferred method of handling this speaks volumes about what kind of thinker Ken Holland is and is, yet another, data point that suggests he might not be right for the job.

But what about that pecking order?! What the hell is going on here?!

Courtesy: Daniel Nugent-Bowman | The Athletic


I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take, and he hasn’t even officially made these decisions yet.

Let’s hope Holland is simply leaking terrible ideas to DNB for the fun of it, because this is atrocious from top to bottom.

As of today, the obvious expansion plan is:




To make 7-3-1 worthwhile, they need to find two Fs worth protecting. Given that they think two of Kassian, Archibald, Khaira or Benson are worth protecting, that’s probably not happening.

Fire Ken Holland.


It wasn’t the playoff run that Oilers fans expected but it’s the one they got.

Edmonton’s season came to an end last Monday after the Winnipeg Jets swept them 4-0 in their opening-round series. Corey and Preston analyze how this happened and ponder what the offseason could hold for Ken Holland.

It isn’t all bad, however, as the duo discusses a wonderful season by the AHL Pacific Division Champion Bakersfield Condors!

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