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Hot Links: Tuesday, June 8

Is the market starting to get wise to Ken Holland and Dave Tippett?

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2019 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

I’m not sure if you can feel it, or smell it, but the winds of change are a-blowing this morning. The notions of firing both — or either — of Dave Tippett and Ken Holland are starting to gain support outside of this narrow corridor of Oilers fandom. The gen pop is starting to get wise to it, too.

So, what happened?

Was it getting swept by a Jets team who just got swept by a Habs team that, also, isn’t that good?

Was it Ken Holland basically saying this is what he wanted out of this year, when he said he didn’t want to go all in? Or maybe it was his being a fan of this team’s depth despite the bottom six being measurably worse than Peter Chiarelli’s time here?

Was it Dave Tippett basically trying nothing but, somehow, being bereft of ideas when it came to games 2-4 of their round one series against Winnipeg?

Or maybe it’s the simple fact that Ken Holland’s improvement of the Oilers’ bottom six is effectively non-existent after two years (he’s made them worse, in actual fact) despite that being the ONLY FUCKING THING HE HAS TO DO?!

Two things we can say for sure about the Oilers relative to the bulk of the teams remaining in the playoffs: their roster isn’t close to the league’s best, and their coach isn’t either.

It’s unfortunate that neither of these two men will lose their jobs in advance of, easily, one of the most important summers (and seasons) in the franchise’s history. But at least people are starting to understand what that could mean for the Oilers.


It wasn’t the playoff run that Oilers fans expected but it’s the one they got.

Edmonton’s season came to an end last Monday after the Winnipeg Jets swept them 4-0 in their opening-round series. Corey and Preston analyze how this happened and ponder what the offseason could hold for Ken Holland.

It isn’t all bad, however, as the duo discusses a wonderful season by the AHL Pacific Division Champion Bakersfield Condors!

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