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Hot Links: Tuesday, June 29

BREAKING: RNH extension imminent! PLUS: Can prospects help in 2022? Is Holland preparing to fumble expansion? Mark Giordano? In this economy? More on Chicago’s (and the NHL’s) coverup, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v Winnipeg Jets - Game Four Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Well, fresh off the heels of Preston wholly shitting on Ken Holland yesterday — justifiably so, after Bob Stauffer’s projected protection list — the Oilers are on the brink of announcing an eight-year extension to one of Oil Country’s favorite sons, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins:

Jeff will have more on this shortly after the links are published, so I’ll condense my own personal thoughts into some brief bullet points before clocking out for the day to get drunk off my ass in celebration:

  • The AAV is the big win here, RNH is a stone-cold lock to cover that bet over the next 4-5 years, which are shaping up to be the most important years of the post-dynasty Oilers
  • The term and NMC are somewhat concerning, but RNH the low AAV over the next five years — during which the Oilers should be pushing every year to win a Stanley Cup — helps mitigate most of that concern, and shouldn’t be so significant once the cap rises once again
  • I would have preferred they did this post-expansion. If the verbal of his wanting to remain here was truly an ‘absolute priority’, they could have ground out these terms and kept another useful player protected without really being in danger of losing him to Seattle. But, if they were hellbent on protecting 7 Fs anyway, RNH will certainly be one of them. And, I suppose if Seattle went nuts and doubled the AAV with a similar term, they could have overcome a handshake deal.

Perhaps I’m nitpicking on that last bit. This is a fairly clear net-positive for Edmonton today. It’s just, they had an opportunity to do even better with regard to expansion, and it’s hard not to at least mention that. Oh well. Keep Nuge Forever.

Now it feels like they need to trade Caleb Jones for a usable and protection-worthy forward. Conor Garland, anyone?!

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