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Hot Links: Monday, June 28

NHL rocked by Chicago coverup story. PLUS: SCF final begins tonight, Oilers summer scenarios to avoid, drafting a G in the first round, player reviews, prospect countdown, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v Chicago Blackhawks
Put your hand up if your organization is trash.
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Morning, folks.

(CW: Sexual Assault)

This story has really picked up over the past week, and even then, I didn’t make much mention of it here. I’m sorry for that. I have been part of the problem in that regard. This should be, by far, the biggest story in the NHL world right now, and frankly it’s barely being discussed. The NHL is a travesty of a league and deserves precisely none of our money or our support. Note the date of Rick Westhead — quickly proving himself as the only real journalist at either TSN or Sportsnet to anyone else like me who has just started paying attention — it’s from May. It took over a month for this bombshell story to gain any traction anywhere else and, still, some of the biggest names in hockey coverage haven’t said shit.

Hockey still has a culture problem, and I’m sorry for not doing more to highlight it.

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