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Hot Links: Thursday, June 24

Oilers forget about Blümel, Woodcroft entering last year of contract, taking stock of the free agents, Larsson’s next deal, and MORE!

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Winnipeg Jets v Edmonton Oilers - Game One Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks.

The biggest story from yesterday was the Oilers’ losing Matej Blümel’s rights on June 1. Yes, it took 24 days for everyone — including us — to put that together, but in our defence we aren’t multimillionaire professionals whose literal job is to handle this kind of custodial shit for the hockey club.

I’ve heard a number of potential explanations:

  • They expected him to go to college, which would have extended his rights by two years
  • They either were not prepared for his going to the Czech league or they were annoyed by it and this is somewhat borne from spite
  • He didn’t want to come here — OK, and does Ken Holland dodge any blame for not selling him on a viable path forward here? How often do fourth round picks simply balk at ELCs?
  • They forgot — this makes the most sense to me, given they tweeted this out on the very day his rights expired:

I mean, what do you even say anymore? Every day I, as the typical purveyor of those salty, salty tweets you’ve come to mute, run into legions of people defending Ken Holland and the Oilers. And every other day, I’m confronted by breaking news that can almost always be accurately distilled into: The Edmonton Oilers Fucked Up Again.

What else can I say? I can tell you no team worth anything would ever let this happen. I can tell you the Edmonton Oilers will probably do something at least this stupid again very soon. Think protecting Zack Kassian and Josh Archibald instead of Caleb Jones. As if it’s worth anyone’s time to keep two fourth liners, one of whom has a contract that could only be a bigger deterrent if it were Milan Lucic’s reputation. Unreal.

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