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McDavid Records 100th Point of the Season on Hockey Night in Canada

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The best hockey player in the world just did a very best player in the world type of thing. He scored four points in the first two periods of tonight’s game against the Vancouver Canucks, to reach the century mark in his 53rd game of the season.

The captain has a goal and three assists tonight, with the first assist coming on a Jesse Puljujarvi goal, and the last two both coming on goals by Leon Draisaitl.

Speaking of Draisatil, he reached a personal milestone on his first goal of the night, with 500 career points. His second goal was his 30th of the season. He joins McDavid as the only pair of teammates with 30 goals this season.

Early in the season, the thought of anyone reaching 100 points in an abbreviated 56 game season seemed absurd. And it is still absurd for anyone except for Connor McDavid, who accomplished it with 10 periods to spare.

Coming into tonight’s game, McDavid was averaging 1.85 points-per-game, which is the highest since Mario Lemieux averaged 2.30 per-game in 1995-96. Even if he doesn’t record another point tonight, McDavid’s per-game average has already risen to 1.89 after tonight’s four point effort.

McDavid’s ridiculous scoring numbers from this year seem even more outstanding if you account for era-adjusted scoring inflation. According to’s adjusted points metric, which aims to adjust point totals from different eras based on league-wide scoring rates, McDavid entered tonight with the 6th best single-season adjusted point total since the inception of the original six in 1943. He trailed only Wayne Gretzky’s four best seasons, and Mario Lemieux’s best season on that list, and, after tonight’s effort, it’s safe to say that he’s now comfortably in the top 5.

As for contemporary peers, McDavid is in a league of his own. No other NHL player has reached 80 points yet this year (Draisaitl has 79), and excluding teammates, he’s 33 points clear of anyone else.

80 of McDavid’s 100 points are primary points, which means he would still lead the league in points, even if he had zero secondary assists. Additionally, he has 68 assists, which means that if he didn’t have a single goal, he would still have more total points than any of his non-teammates. Of course, his 32 goals ranks second in the NHL. That’s Gretzky-level stuff.

I’m going to stop gushing now, because I’ve missed most of the third period while writing this. But please feel free to say fantastic things about this amazing hockey player in the comments.