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Did someone say ‘buyout’?

2020 NHL Draft - Round One
Maybe out Top 6 doesn’t need a UFA, maybe we already got our guy?
Photo by Michael Bobroff/NHLI via Getty Images

In today’s end of season press conference Ken Holland said many things I didn’t like. One thing he did say was the he is considering a buyout. I only see 2 possible contenders for a buyout - Drai and McDavid. Oh wait, that’s for the who’s better than Matthews talk.

Let’s look at our 3 actual contenders. Note, I’m not sure if the images will be blurry so I’ll also include a link. Just click on the name if doesn’t look perfect.

Zack Kassian. Currently makes 3.2. Caphit would be 1.6 next year, 600k, 1.8K, 900k, 900k and 900k (6 years)

How about Mikko Koskinen? Currently makes 4.5. Cap hit would be 1.5 and 1.5 (2 years)

And last, but certainly not least, James Neal! Currently makes 5.75M. Caphit would be 2M, 2M, 2M and 2M (4 years)

Neat tidbit:

You can bury 1.125 Million in the AHL. I imagine that is what is happening to Turris as he will make 1.65 next year. If he gets buried in the AHL it will only cost the team about 500K of cap space.

To me, the answer is obvious but I have NEVER had a POLL go the way I thought it would so let’s see what everyone thinks.


Who should we buyout?

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