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Hot Links: Tuesday, May 18

One more sleep. One more sleep. One. More. Sleep. This is agony. Why would the NHL do this to us?!

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Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Well, it’s Christmas Eve. One more sleep before the Oilers resume their 16-game (minimum) trek toward the Cup of Stanley after what feels like an honest to goodness eternity. Seriously, we need to get this thing started ASAP or Dave Tippett might do something silly like not play Caleb Jones to start Game 1.

Er, um.


Look, Koekkoek’s been a weird one this year. He played the most early in the year, when the Oilers played their worst. Then he got hurt forever and missed about a billion games (35 if you’re counting). The data on him this year is both disappointing and limited in sample size. Previously, he was quite competent in Chicago, hence his status as a bit of an analytical darling coming in. If he can play like that, it’ll be hard to fault Tippett for making a change.

If he doesn’t, it could be the bubble play ins all over again.

One thing worth noting is that, it is a long practice week.

So, we’ll wait and see I guess, but the early returns are surely


The Copper and Blue Podcast: Episode 11 — “Cool, you’re Jets.”

It’s playoff time baby!

Preston, Shona, and Corey break down what to expect from the Oilers in their first round series against the Winnipeg Jets. We go line-by-line and pairing-by-pairing as we give our thoughts on Edmonton’s roster and how it stacks up against Winnipeg’s.

Stick around for the second half of the episode as the crew looks at the other playoff matchups, complete with predictions and all!

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